Review: #TeamAndroid or #TeamApple?

Hi everyone! Recently, the iPhone 6S came out with promising new features that so many loyal Apple customers were excited about, and I have to admit, I was intrigued as well. I’ve been #TeamAndroid for many, many years now, while the majority of my friends and family have opted to join the Apple bandwagon and get iPhones. I’ve never really been anti-Apple products, since I did own the iPod Nano, Shuffle, Touch, and Macbook Pro… wow, now that I name all the Apple products I’ve owned, sometimes I think I should have owned an iPhone years ago!

One of the 6S’s new features included a reinforced glass–which really appealed to me because I know too many people who have complained about the older generations having flimsy glass that could crack the moment you dropped their phone, or even press a screen cover onto their phone too aggressively! My latest Android phone was the HTC One M7, which has pretty much disappeared from any phone company’s listing of phone products -.-” When it first came out, I was really excited about it because they boasted a tough, gorilla glass screen that could withstand any kind of force you exerted on it (within reason, of course). It showed promise, and was a definite upgrade compared to my disappointingly laggy Samsung Galaxy S 4G (probably one of their first generations of Galaxy phones).

This past weekend, I trekked to three different T-Mobile stores/booths in New Jersey to find me a new phone. I figured it was time to try the iPhone and say goodbye to my pink/purple/blue camera filter that my phone so lovingly created due to its constant overheating… Since the hype of the iPhone 6S is still high, the only 6S color that was available that day was Space Grey. If y’all know me, I was gunning for that rose gold color, or even the regular gold, but unfortunately the Apple Gods were not on my side haha. I decided I would settle for the iPhone 6, since all the colors were available (with the exception of rose gold), and my T-Mobile rep used to work for Apple and told me that he recently upgraded from the 6 to the 6S and there was hardly any difference. (Note: the main takeaways I got from the iPhone 6S upgrades was the reinforced glass screen, the 5MP front-facing camera, and the “3D touch” for the screen). After a week of using my very first iPhone, here are some of my thoughts below!

My beautiful new phone! My T-Mobile rep even let me unbox it and set it up 🙂

Initial Thoughts:

  • it’s super light, and it would definitely need a phone case and screen protector if you’re the clumsy type like me who constantly drops her phone
  • it’s not customizable i.e. can’t change the fonts, add widgets to the home screen, and no more Google Play app!
  • the fingerprint unlock option is cool and something my past Android phones lacked

The Good:

  • crystal clear camera and no more laggy videos or loading speeds
  • easy log-in verifications for my chat apps
  • nice design and pretty soft gold color
  • very neat and organized for the OCD, Type-A in me
  • swipe up to easily access the Airplane, WiFi, Bluetooth, Do not disturb, vertical screen lock, volume buttons, flashlight, timer, calculator, and camera
  • the boosted security system with the Touch ID fingerprint lock and iCloud’s Find My iPhone feature
  • if you have other Apple devices, it’s easy to link and sync all your devices
  • ability to back up all your data with iCloud and ease of transferring data when you switch to a new phone
  • compared to the old iPhone models, since there’s a bigger screen, the keyboard is a lot more user-friendly and I’m able to type without feeling like the letters are too cramped
  • battery life seems pretty good so far! I can go through a day locking and unlocking and using my typical apps and it won’t drain the battery too quickly and I can turn off WiFi and data for the night and the battery doesn’t drain more than 1-3%. I’m apprehensive about charging my phone too much since the battery is still new, so I drain it til it’s about 5% and then I’ll charge it until it’s full
  • for T-Mobile: they have this new plan called the JUMP! On Demand where you can lease a phone and pay monthly payments for 18 months, and you can upgrade your phone up to three times a year! Once the 18 months are up, you can upgrade your phone to something new and start the process over again (without paying the remaining balance of the retail price of your original phone).
  • you can easily put your phone on silent mode with the switch above the volume buttons on the side of your phone

The Bad:

  • is it just me, or is the front-facing camera SUPER blown up? My HTC’s front-facing camera did not blow up my face to like 3x the size lol
  • the fact that when you reorganize your icons, everything gets shifted and it seems like you can’t just swap an icon for another without having to move everything one by one
  • no customization (for Android users, y’all have to say goodbye to widgets, changing your fonts, using secondary apps like Textra for messaging, etc.)
    • not being able to use widgets 😦 I used to love seeing the time, weather, and accessing my alarms on one, and having DigiCal+ for my calendar events
  • unlike the Android, I can’t access the data/4G setting when I swipe up for the shortcut buttons–for some people who don’t have unlimited data, it may be preferable to have a shortcut to toggle between having data on or off
  • upon transitioning between my HTC and my new iPhone, I wasn’t able to transfer my treasured texts 😥
  • the autocorrect!! I used to use SwiftKey with my Androids, and it was easy to teach my phone my abbreviation habits, but with the iPhone, it seems like it’ll automatically correct my abbreviations unless I specifically hit that little “x” button for the word suggestion (Note: I did see that there’s an option where you can add your abbreviations to some dictionary so if you abbreviate something, it will automatically type in what you mean i.e. BRB –> be right back; however, this isn’t something I use, and would prefer they leave me and my texting habits alone haha)
  • you have to buy ringtones?! For Androids, I always loved using Zedge because I could download free ringtones with cuts from some of my favorite songs, but on an iPhone, even if you can install Zedge, you still have to pay for any ringtone you wish to download. Womp.
  • I miss my HTC showing me my notifications at the top of the screen in the notification bar. For the iPhone, you have to swipe down and to the right side for their notifications section which is not the most convenient way to check
  • no front-facing LED light for notifications–the only way to get this light notification is if you turn on the LED flash for alerts for the hearing impaired, but that is super blinding if you happen to look at your phone right when it flashes, sooo…

Final Thoughts (after a week of use):

  • I love the camera and that it doesn’t lag anymore, and I love the fingerprint lock option.No more lag time when texting or opening new screens is also a plus! I’m still adjusting to having one button for I guess.. everything? I’m afraid that with wear and tear the button might eventually break and/or stop working, but if Apple has always had this feature in its older generations and there are no complaints, I should be safe. I feel a little down that I can’t customize my phone the way I used to, or access my notifications as easily as looking at the notifications bar at the top of the screen on my old Android phones. Additionally, I think the notifications options for different apps are inconsistent and for some apps that I’ve set reminders i.e. calendars or task reminders, I don’t get notified at all. I’m not completely sold on the iPhone yet, but it’s still a decent phone.

Hope my honest opinion of my new phone helps some of you who are unsure if you want to switch to Apple 🙂

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