Hawaii Meets NYC: Poké Bowls


Have you gotten the chance to go to Hawaii and try this local healthy fast food? If not and you live in NYC (and Hong Kong, I hear!), poké bowls are all the rage and little shops are popping up all over the place! According to Wikipedia, “Poké is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine…and is the Hawaiian verb for ‘section’ or ‘to slice or cut’.” If you’re a huge fan of sashimi like me, this was something I knew I had to try!

There are a few shops that are in NYC (and trust, I plan to visit them all and see which is the top pick–I’ll let y’all know when I find out!), and I got the chance to visit Pokéworks first. If you want to read my review on Yelp, you can find it here. In short, to me, it’s like Japanese sushi Chipotle, since you can mix and match what ingredients you want to put in your rice bowl/burrito/salad!

I decided on mixing tuna and salmon and getting nearly all the ingredients on the menu that they had to offer, and I also mixed ponzu and spicy ginger sauces. It’s amaaaaazing! I definitely recommend this fast food for anyone who is in need of something refreshing and healthy.


Where do you live? Do you have poké shops in your city? Leave your comments and thoughts below! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Hawaii Meets NYC: Poké Bowls

    1. Hi Natalie, do you live in NYC? Pokeworks is in Midtown West by Herald Square, and there’s another one I heard of called Sons of Thunder which is in Midtown East (not exactly sure where, but it’s in the East 30s Streets area)! As a heads up, Pokeworks has VERY little seating space, so it’s best for takeout! 🙂 Hope this helps!

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      1. Oh wow.. Westchester is pretty far up North isn’t it x) At least for me since I live in Queens haha. I think these poke shops opened up these past couple of months, so perhaps they aren’t on most search engines, but they should be more searchable now! Enjoyyy!! I hope you like it 🙂

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