Cosme: Upscale Mexican Restaurant

I have been slacking on my posts because I’ve been busy with work (sorry, everyone!!). I haven’t had time to experiment with cooking, but I have a good recipe coming up that is perfect for spring/Easter… stay tuned 🙂

Food Porn started its first season on the FYI TV channel with Michael Chernow as its host. I came across so many delectable, eye-catching dishes on one episode I saw, but most of them being outside of NYC, they were impossible to visit (at least right now). However, there was Cosme, which is located right in the Flatiron District, and I was intrigued by this corn husk merengue that was featured. Chernow said that it would take a month to make a reservation, and at first I didn’t believe it, but when I went on Open Table, I found that he wasn’t exaggerating. I saw the episode in early February and booked a table for the end of the month.

I love fine dining and trying out new, upscale places since sometimes it’s great to try getting out of the normal, comfortable, well-known foods (like fast food, pasta, burger joints, steak restaurants, etc.) and go someplace unknown! I went to Mexico in January 2015 for a volunteer abroad service trip (my volunteer blog is here) and was able to try some local foods such as al pastorescabeche, and piñuela and mamey fruit! However, Cosme’s dinner menu featured some dishes that seemed completely foreign to me, such as the copia (which I now know is a delicious fish), the corn husk merengue, and the uni tostada. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had uni (sea urchin) before, but never in a Mexican restaurant, so I was intrigued!

February 27th finally arrived and I was so excited to have this dinner I had been waiting an entire month for. I wrote a pretty lengthy review on Yelp, but I’ll share a condensed review here for my readers 🙂

Ambiance: it was very dark, with a loud, but intimate ambiance. My reservation was for 5:30, and there were quite a few people already seated for dinner and for drinks. We were seated right away, and all of the people who waited on us were very friendly and attentive.


Table: the table was relatively small and cramped for three people, but we made do with the space that we had. The table was set up nicely with a pretty flower and green flowering plants.

Price: overpriced for tapas, but I guess it makes sense considering it’s an upscale, Mexican restaurant.

Menu: Their dinner menu is readily available online, and I already knew what I was going to order before I stepped into the restaurant :3 These were the items I ordered:

  • uni tostada, avocado, bone marrow salsa, cucumber
  • sliced raw fish, poblano, lime, avocado, black lime
  • scallop aguachile, poached jicama, fresh wasabi cucumber lime
  • cobia al pastor, pineapple puree, cilantro
  • blue shrimp a la veracruzana, garlic oil, olives, avocado
  • black garlic rubbed NY strip for tacos, shishitos, avocado-tarragon puree
  • duck carnitas, onions, radishes, salsa verde
  • corn husk merengue
  • Manchego cheesecake

My favorite dishes: uni tostada (SO good!), cobia al pastor (it’s such a soft, delicate fish and it’s so interesting to have pineapple as a garnish and a puree), black garlic rubbed NY strip (you really get so little for what you’re paying, so only get it if you’re a HUGE steak fan)

My least favorite dishes: scallop aguachile (I was rooting for this too; it was very bland and underwhelming), blue shrimp a la veracruzana (very plain, underwhelming as well), manchego cheesecake (they actually left the cheese AS IS… way too savory for a dessert in my opinion)

I mainly came to try the corn husk merengue and it was definitely a different dessert than I’ve ever had before. They burn the corn husk and grind it up to use in the merengue, and they use a bit of corn puree as that cream that oozes out of the cracked merengue. I felt a little cheated because they used so little of that corn puree and filled the rest with whipped cream!

I definitely recommend you to try this place if you’re into Mexican, tapas-style cuisine, and you’re willing to splurge to try something new 🙂

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  1. Hi there! I enjoyed reading about your experience at Cosme and was hoping to contact you via email to ask you a couple of questions about your blog. Could you please email me at the address I provided? Thank you!


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