Poké Bowls: Who does it best?

I’ve checked out four locations in NYC that serve the newest Hawaii-meets-NYC foodie craze…and I think I’ve come up with a verdict!

I went to the following poké shops:

  • Pokéworks (see my previous post here)
  • Wisefish
  • Seamore’s
  • Sons of Thunder

I wrote reviews for each spot on Yelp that you can check out if you like 🙂 Below are the pictures of the bowls I ordered from each spot.

Pokéworks – make your own bowl (peep Dominique Ansel’s box in the background with my very first cronut!)
Wisefish – spaghetti squash with ahi tuna
Seamore’s – traditional poké with tortilla chips on the side
Sons of Thunder – half/half


Base price: $10.50

The good: Great portion size and price, and you can add a ton of toppings!

The bad: They have literally like 5 seats in their entire store, which sucks because I don’t want to always have to take my food to go, I like to sit and enjoy! I hope they find a larger location or open another spot 🙂


Base Price: $10.95 (for a regular)

The good: The fish tastes fresh and the flavor is good!

The bad: Since I got the spaghetti squash, I felt that it was WAY too salty for my taste. There was nothing to absorb or dull all that saltiness from the sauce (but I appreciate them for giving me a generous amount of sauce!). I also think the price is pretty expensive, and their snack size is $7.95 and it’s kind of like a frozen yogurt cup o.o (aka very, VERY small)


Price: $16

The good: The flavor was pretty good, and tasted fresh!

The bad: Seamore’s charges $16 for poké that you can’t customize, and it’s an appetizer portion. They put it in an average bowl, but half of the bowl is filled with purple cabbage at the bottom of the bowl to give you the illusion that they gave you a lot of tuna. If you’re a fan of salmon or other seafood poké, tough luck because they don’t have it here 😦


Base price: $10.75

The good: You can mix the sauces which tastes super yummy, and they give salad and veggies as part of your bowl!

The bad: The fish had a strange texture and felt sort of warm when I was eating it. I want to give the benefit of the doubt that the rice was really hot and heated up the fish before I got the chance to start eating it ><

BOTTOM LINE………….I think Pokéworks is my favorite spot of the 4 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Poké Bowls: Who does it best?

    1. They’re kind of like a Hawaiian healthy fast food option! They marinate seafood such as tuna or salmon, and it’s over rice normally and you can pick the ingredients and toppings for it 🙂 I’ve been to places where they also offer octopus and scallops and even tofu!


      1. Aw thanks. My family always told me that I am an eater. Well it is not that common where I live but I would like some more sushi here. Over here is mostly Mexican food hehe.


      2. Really? That’s awesome. Yeah Mexican food have good dish. There some food that can be spicey but that is still good. I am the only one in my family that can’t handle really spicey food XD.


      3. There is a certain limit to how much I can take XD. There are times where I need the kick in my food. Mexican food are good. I enjoy eating enchilladas, tacos, and tamales :P.

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