Living Like a Local: Crocodilos Up Close and Personal

My latest adventure in Mexico involved hanging out with crocodiles :3 We saw crocodiles as young as 1 day old!!! They were probably the size of my palm, but I was too antsy to hold anything still when there was a cloud of mosquitoes following us wherever we turned ><

Doing Fieldwork

It's been an incredibly rewarding four weeks in Mexico and I've finally been able to begin my fieldwork now that I have all my supplies. I've shared some photos depicting how I work with Moringa in the community to make teas!

Living Like a Local: ¡Pobre Perrita!

Since arriving, I feel I've done a pretty good job immersing myself into this culture. I no longer feel weird pronouncing Spanish slightly incorrectly, saying hi to community members on my daily walks, or joking around with the people I meet. I think I got really lucky with the host family I was placed with, … Continue reading Living Like a Local: ¡Pobre Perrita!

DIY: Mosquito Traps

In Mexico, I've used bug spray with DEET, lime juice, Raid mosquito coils, but I'm amping up my protection by making DIY mosquito traps!