Representation Matters

Yesterday was Crazy Rich Asians’ opening night and the 7:15pm showing in Times Square was packed. People from all different backgrounds spanning the cultural rainbow showed support for this monumental event where an all-Asian cast movie was featured on the big screen.

I’ve seen plenty of movies where they’ll plug in the token Asian “geek” or “clown” in the cast, or add in the erroneously stereotyped Asian who has a heavy, often ambiguous accent. I can’t recall the last time I saw a relatable Asian female lead who represented an Asian American who I could relate to. Someone who grew up in the US to an immigrant parent who worked hard to ensure their child achieved the American Dream. Constance Wu plays a successful economics professor who grew up with in a single-parent household where her mother worked her ass off making sure her daughter could have the best life possible in the US. I’ve never had someone in a movie to whom I could relate so well, and I think director Jon M. Chu did an excellent job making me and millions of other Asian Americans feel that they can be accurately represented on the big screen, giving up an opportunity to stream on Netflix and putting it all on the line by choosing the theaters. This is not your typical romantic comedy, and it works.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the movie yet, definitely make some time to go this weekend. The storyline is great and Awkwafina is a riot! I’m doing it backwards but going to read Kevin Kwan’s book really soon ✌🏼️

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