Living Like a Local: Día de los Muertos in Michoacán

Alright guys I know it's not November yet, but I had to share this fascinating tradition in Michoacán with y'all!

Living Like a Local: Nature’s Instincts

Human babies are born with the instinct to suckle as a means to get food. No one taught them this, just like many other animals in the world. I think it's pretty incredible how nature has a way of taking care of animals, big and small. When I went to the kitchen to grab some … Continue reading Living Like a Local: Nature’s Instincts

Living Like a Local: “Mexican Time”

When you hear people talk about "Mexican time", you don't really know what that means until you've actually lived in Mexico. In the past, I went on vacations to Cancun with my family, so I didn't really count that as understanding the concept of "Mexican time" since we never had schedules to follow. Even when … Continue reading Living Like a Local: “Mexican Time”

Recipe: Sope (Savory Mexican “Pancakes”)

I promised to introduce more Mexican recipes, so here's another one! Here is a recipe to make sope, which I can best define it as a small savory Mexican pancake made with masa (dough). You can put toppings on each sope, and from my understanding, these are always savory! I visited one of my participants … Continue reading Recipe: Sope (Savory Mexican “Pancakes”)

Living Like a Local: Women vs. Men

It's like I entered another world when I came here to Mexico. The role of women in the household is still different than our society today!

Living Like a Local: Staying Cool

It's pretty much summertime year-round in Agua Caliente Nueva, with the exception of December, apparently, when the locals feel a temporary relief from the scorching sun and the countless insects that buzz around the home. I've managed to survive without an air conditioner for a month now, with average temperatures in the high 80s, often … Continue reading Living Like a Local: Staying Cool

Living Like a Local: A Series of Unfortunate Events

I thought I was doing so well with handling my time here, but as luck would have it, I was wrong and faced a series of unfortunate events... 😥

Health Education in Agua Caliente Nueva

My love for public health doesn't stop just because I'm not in a classroom in Baltimore! I attended a health education workshop this month that talked about the importance of breastfeeding for babies and infants, and also about the importance of hand-washing with soap and water! If you're expecting or have a newborn or infant, … Continue reading Health Education in Agua Caliente Nueva

Living Like a Local: Crocodilos Up Close and Personal

My latest adventure in Mexico involved hanging out with crocodiles :3 We saw crocodiles as young as 1 day old!!! They were probably the size of my palm, but I was too antsy to hold anything still when there was a cloud of mosquitoes following us wherever we turned ><

Doing Fieldwork

It's been an incredibly rewarding four weeks in Mexico and I've finally been able to begin my fieldwork now that I have all my supplies. I've shared some photos depicting how I work with Moringa in the community to make teas!