Update on My Move to Baltimore!

I feel like it's been so long since I've posted, and I apologize for the wait 😦 Since my big move to Baltimore and all the things leading up to it, I haven't been testing new recipes or adding any new content to my blog! For Labor Day weekend, I finally had a little bit of … Continue reading Update on My Move to Baltimore!

5 Tips for the College Student Going to Grad School

So you thought you were done with applications when you were applying to high schools, and then again when you were finishing off with your college applications for undergraduate college... and now you're thinking that you might want to pursue graduate school! You may be pulling at your hair wondering, what am I supposed to … Continue reading 5 Tips for the College Student Going to Grad School

Internships: Persistence is (insert key emoji)

As many of my friends know, I've been stressing because of grad school applications and just getting as much experience as possible before I return to school this fall. Since graduating, I've held 4 internships, not including the ones I've done in my undergraduate career! I know many students and people wonder if they need … Continue reading Internships: Persistence is (insert key emoji)