Zero Waste: The Compost Bins Have Arrived!

HAPPY TUESDAY, Y'ALL! I'm gonna write a quick post just to share my joy about this morning. We finally received our compost bins and we're so excited to move forward with the #zerowaste movement at home 🙂 So what is "zero waste"? Zero waste is a lifestyle where you will produce little to no waste, … Continue reading Zero Waste: The Compost Bins Have Arrived!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, & REPURPOSE!

Happy Friday, everyone! It's crazy how quickly time is going by, and that we're already nearing the end of May, and Memorial Day is right around the corner! NYC is finally feeling that summer heat, and I just came back from the high 80-degree weather in Miami and it feels like I never left the coast! … Continue reading Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, & REPURPOSE!

Call to Action re: Littering

I came across this image from Facebook that depicted a rabbit cadaver cut in half that showed the contents of its stomach... which consisted of cigarette butts. This was pretty surprising to me at first because I wouldn't think animals are attracted to the smell of smoke, let alone eat it! However, I've seen over the years … Continue reading Call to Action re: Littering

Earth Day: Take Action for a Better Future

How many of you know that Earth Day started over 40 years ago? What started out as an environmental movement in the US turned into a worldwide effort to preserve our planet. This day gave a voice to environmental concerns plaguing our country, and now has become one of the largest movements for people around the world … Continue reading Earth Day: Take Action for a Better Future