Local Craftsmanship in Siem Reap

It's amazing how you can find opportunities to learn about the local culture for free; you can simply visit the restaurants shops and talk to the locals, take advantage of the free guided walking tours, or if you have the time, live in that city for a month or longer 🙂 Because I spend most … Continue reading Local Craftsmanship in Siem Reap

Adventures in Asia: Battambang

This past weekend, we ventured out of Siem Reap for the first time to visit Battambang! It wasn't what I expected at all, although I think my expectations were a bit high... I was expecting this super large city with tons of people, but it was wayyyy less busy than Siem Reap, and a lot … Continue reading Adventures in Asia: Battambang

Living Like a Local: Crocodilos Up Close and Personal

My latest adventure in Mexico involved hanging out with crocodiles :3 We saw crocodiles as young as 1 day old!!! They were probably the size of my palm, but I was too antsy to hold anything still when there was a cloud of mosquitoes following us wherever we turned ><

Visit Madrid

Check out my latest post featuring photos from Madrid!

Hello From Europe!

Hey everyone! I apologize for the lack of posts recently, for I am currently in Naples, Italy 😮 Originally I was going to get back to NYC Wednesday evening but unfortunately there is a strike with the airline that I booked with -sigh- my luck! I'm excited to share some photos of my trip with … Continue reading Hello From Europe!