4 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

As 2017 is coming to a close, we look back on the accomplishments we have made, and also think about the things we could have done differently. My experience working in Cambodia has reaffirmed my passion to work in the field of public health. Knowing that I can contribute meaningfully to a community is rewarding … Continue reading 4 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

Recipe: Lemon Marinated Chicken

When I volunteered abroad in Mexico in January 2015, I stayed in a hostel and participated in occasional cooking classes with our chef (photo below). We made a few different recipes that varied based on the day you sign up for, but I made sure to take advantage and learn as many recipes as I could … Continue reading Recipe: Lemon Marinated Chicken


NYC weather this summer has been extremely capricious: there have been days when it feels like spring, and other days when it's so hot and humid it's difficult to breathe! I'm always looking for ways to keep cool, whether it's wearing breezy outfits such as dresses or tank tops and shorts, or buying something to eat or … Continue reading Cucumbers