Welcome to A Healthy Blueprint!

You’re experiencing the harmful effects of climate change and pollution around you. You’re feeling frustrated because policies to protect your health and environment are not being rolled out quickly enough or implemented effectively.

You’re asking yourself,

“What can I do as an individual, and will my actions be enough?”

If this is on your mind, you’re in the right place!

My goal is to provide A Healthy Blueprint and guide you on the path to living with the environment in mind and become changemakers in your communities.

What we do (our behaviors) shape and are shaped by our environment. In order to shift toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle, we need to focus on creating an environment around us that enables us to make these changes.

Whether you are a sustainability expert or just starting out, there will be content for you to enjoy and learn from. I do not claim to be an expert in this field, and am always educating myself so I can share new things with my community (that’s you)!

So, where to begin? Check out the menu at the top of the page for the following topics:

  • Going Green, for all things sustainability (how-to’s, tips and tricks, climate and environmental news, etc.)
  • Changemakers, for when you want to find out who are some of the people, movements, and organizations doing great work to make the world a better place – and if you know someone, I’d love for you to recommend them to be considered for a feature!
  • Public Health (and Lifestyle), for when you’re curious about the intersection between sustainability and public health
  • Food, because who doesn’t want to learn how shifting our food practices can benefit the planet?


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Food Scrap Drop-off Sites in NYC During COVID-19

If you’re looking for an active food scrap drop-off site during COVID-19, you can visit this spreadsheet to find a location near you: bit.ly/NYCdropofftracker. AND if you have a site to submit that’s not already featured here, please submit the details using the form linked within this spreadsheet!