Social Media Advocacy

Community Engagement

Belinda founded an online platform to provide free resources and education to 3,000+ community members with the goal to inspire individuals to become better stewards of the environment and take climate action.


Belinda was part of a small but mighty #SaveOurCompost social media team who successfully engaged the NYC community to exercise their civic engagement and restore funding for the municipal composting programs, including increasing the social media account‘s community following by over 600%.

Knowledge Management

At the height of the pandemic, the DSNY and GrowNYC suspended their food scrap drop-off (FSDO) site lists, which posed a challenge for community members who wished to divert their organics from the garbage stream. Belinda identified this gap and worked with grassroots microhaulers, community gardeners, and community members to produce a comprehensive spreadsheet with information about this resource, best practices, donation information to the FSDOs, etc. This tracker has been shared over 10,000 times, including by Representative Ocasio-Cortez!