Giving Thanks


Thanksgiving is just a week away, and I’m sure you’re just as excited as I am to eat lots of yummy food and spend time around loved ones this holiday season. While we learned in history class about how Thanksgiving came to be, for all of us who want a recap, National Geographic is providing a two-night movie event for anyone who may be interested.

I wanted to post something, especially around Thanksgiving, because I know that I am the type that sometimes takes people and the life I have for granted. I live a rather fortunate life, with parents who have raised me and my sister well and have given us anything and everything we needed to succeed. We were able to go to pretty good public schools, got cell phones and the latest technologies when they came out, and were sent to all the prep classes imaginable to get the best educations. Now that I’m in my 20s, I realize that all of this was because they wanted what was best for us and our futures.

There are so many things I can say that I’m thankful for, such as the fact that I was able to finish high school and college, and am able to go to graduate school, that I have a house to live in, that I have food on the table every day, that I was born without disabilities and hardships in my early childhood. We can all be more thankful of what we do have in our lives and appreciative of the things and people that are around us today 🙂 Try to say thank you more often and be more courteous of others, and make sure those around you know that they are loved and are acknowledged of all that they do for you each and every day.