About Me

Welcome to A Healthy Blueprint! My name is Belinda and I am a proud New Yorker. I started this blog around two years ago because I enjoyed writing and wanted to share recipes and tips I learned through my travels and life. However, while I was working abroad in Cambodia in 2017, I took a break from blogging to really think about my passions and found that I am passionate about public health and sustainability, and wanted to focus more on that. I am working full-time at a global advocacy organization that works to advance gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women. On the side, I am active on my social platforms, such as this blog, my Instagram account, and Twitter, and cultivate my creativity through art in the form of bullet journaling, sketching, and painting.

For my day one readers, I hope you enjoy the new content I create, and for the new readers joining me, welcome again and looking forward to connecting with you!

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