Recycling 101 with GrowNYC

My office had the privilege to learn #Recycling 101 from @GrowNYC and how we can #ReduceReuseRecycle. There are social, environmental, & economic benefits to reducing waste. Read to find out more!

Why We Should Use Reusable Water Bottles

Americans use 50 billion disposable plastic bottles per year. That's a lot of plastic. I propose ONE swap: reusable water bottles! Read more about the benefits πŸ™‚

The Argument Against the Plastic Straw Ban

I'm all for the movement to eliminate single-use plastics in the world, but we need to consider all populations and listen to all voices, including those from the disabled community, when making these decisions.

How You Can #BeatPlasticPollution

#WorldEnvironmentDay is a day for awareness for the protection of our environment and a day for ACTION. What steps are you taking to #BeatPlasticPollution?

Give a Sip: Banning Single-Use Straws in NYC

Why banning single-use plastic is a game-changer for NYC #giveasip #sayNOtoplastic

Can Cities Become Zero Waste?

I want to hear your thoughts on if you think our cities can become zero waste? Does your city or country have zero waste initiatives? Let's open a dialogue and talk about it! Check out my post on my thoughts about this opportunity πŸ™‚