As Seen on TV: Nohbo

I am guilty of watching and keeping up with too many television shows, including Shark Tank, a show where entrepreneurs young and old try to get Sharks to invest in their companies! It’s been eye-opening to see some of the inventions and ideas that people come up with, and how creative some people can be.

Lately, I’ve been more environmentally conscious and have been following Zero Waste Home and other YouTube vloggers who started this sort of lifestyle. I’m not sure I’ll ever get to that level, but I’m certainly an avid recycler and I always carry my trash with me until I find a proper trash can! According to the EPA, Americans produced over 250 million TONS of trash, and recycled and composted 87 tons from this trash (about a 34% recycling rate); and on average, we produce over 4 pounds of waste per day–pretty crazy, huh?


When I leave for grad school, I’m  hoping to continue my habit of recycling, and maybe even take up composting if my school has composting bins for food waste 😮  We only have one earth to live on, and we should take better care of it. I’ve heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch from the documentary called Plastic Paradise, and see too often people in NYC littering in the streets when there are recycling bins on the corner of the block 😦


So, back to my original reason I wanted to write this post. There was a teenaged boy featured on Shark Tank who created an ingenious invention called Nohbo, which is an eco-friendly shampoo ball. After watching Plastic Paradise, I thought this was a brilliant idea! We all need to wash our hair a couple of times a week at a minimum, so we’ll always need shampoo or some kind of alternative, but with all the plastic the world is producing, where does it all go? Nohbo is great because it is eliminating the plastic bottle packaging by wrapping these single-use shampoo balls in a biodegradable material that can be composted later. It’s available on their website for pre-ordering right now, and I think it’s a step in the right direction for people who want to actively take care of our planet and consciously buy more environmentally friendly products 🙂

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