Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, & REPURPOSE!

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s crazy how quickly time is going by, and that we’re already nearing the end of May, and Memorial Day is right around the corner! NYC is finally feeling that summer heat, and I just came back from the high 80-degree weather in Miami and it feels like I never left the coast! So excited for the warmer nights, but dreading the mosquitoes that come along with the hotter weather :X

Just one example from Precious Plastics! Check out their website linked to the picture 🙂

I came across this AMAZING video that I just had to share with you all. If you haven’t heard of Upworthy, they share myriad topics, many of which are inspirational! This video I saw from this morning featured this man who seemed to be working right out of his little workshop/garage, repurposing our plastic items and making them into functional items. I love seeing people inspire others, especially turning “trash” into something that can be used again for another life 🙂

Some of the plates that are used at Silo!

This reminds me of an episode from a TV show I saw that featured a restaurant in the UK called Silo that pretty much introduced “kiln-fired recycled plastic bags” that were turned into the plates that they used to serve their food on! Innovation is literally everywhere, and it’s so inspiring to see the ideas that people have come to fruition and be put into effect in our daily lives (and in this case, on our dining tables!).

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