Visit Toronto

How was everyone’s July 4th weekend? Little did I know, I was traveling to Canada right after their national holiday, Canada Day! We had stumbled across the amazing Toronto CityPass that allowed us to visit 5 out of 6 top tourist attractions in Toronto. I encourage anyone who is planning a visit to this beautiful city to purchase this CityPass and take advantage of going to as many of these attractions as possible!

We allotted 3 days for 5 attractions, and if I could change anything, I wish I could’ve spent more time at the Royal Ontario Museum, with everything under the moon and stars that would interest every individual that enters their doors! We missed the Chihuly and Tattoo Exhibits that were on temporary display and I sooo wish for you to go visit so I can live vicariously through you all! (@Samantha, your son would love the Earth’s Treasures exhibit full of many beautiful rocks and minerals!)

Here are my recommendations based on the places we went to:

  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada – 2-3 hours, depending on how quickly you read through descriptions
  • Toronto Zoo – at least 6 hours, and go early in the morning to see the giant panda babies since the wait can be more than an hour long, even if you arrive at 10 in the morning!
  • CN Tower – make a reservation for dinner beforehand for around 7pm, so you can skip the line to go up; then you can view the floors at your leisure when you’re done (and watch the sunset!)
  • Royal Ontario Museum – at least 4-5 hours, maybe more (we gave ourselves less than 3 since we were going to Casa Loma and had to drive to an Airbnb by Niagara Falls that afternoon)
  • Casa Loma – 2-3 hours, preferably in the morning since their parking lot fills up quickly and the place gets PACKED! And go when it’s warm 🙂

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