Women’s March: Reflections


Hey everyone! Hope everyone’s January has been going alright. 🙂 I like to keep my blog mostly positive, but I do want to share my thoughts and hear yours regarding the events that occurred this past weekend. It’s been a rough first month of 2017 for me personally, as the US is now officially under the rule of someone who has demonstrated over and over that he is not capable of helping move us forward as a nation, and instead is sending us backwards from all the progress we’ve made under President Obama. Sometimes I think I’m in a really bad dream, and if I will myself to wake up, we would have a different outcome, but sadly, this seems to be the reality of today… 😦

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Women’s March this past weekend, but it flooded my feed on every news and social media outlet I’ve looked at. I wish I was there to feel the energy from the crowd, witness the love and acceptance of the people who were at these marches, and stand in solidarity with them and for what they are fighting for. I’m trying to stay positive and after viewing so many speeches from the Women’s March that took place across the globe, I have some hope that we have changemakers amongst ourselves that will continue to fight for equal human and civil rights for all individuals. From women and men, old and young individuals alike, it’s heartening to witness so much solidarity amongst people of all ages and backgrounds come together to fight for equality and send a message that we will not accept bigotry in our country :’)

I hope that you all, no matter what country you’re in, will support this movement to prevent the US from regressing and help us by being vocal, and volunteering for civil rights organizations in your cities.

Here are some of the best signs that were seen at the Women’s Marches all over the world! I love their creativity and the message they are sending that females will not be oppressed, and neither will all the other groups that have been put down and ridiculed by the elected president.

Also, I just came across this post in response to a woman on Facebook who claimed that she didn’t need the Women’s March. Pretty good read and some reflection for females who thought that the march was unnecessary… take a look if you’re interested!

Note: If you are reading this, and you do not agree with my opinions, I respect that. I respect that we may be different and share different ideologies, so if you feel the need to unfollow me, that is your choice.