Living Like a Local: Crocodilos Up Close and Personal

This past weekend I went to La Manzanilla with my host family to see los crocodrilos up close and personal! Have a good guess what those are? For a modest 30 pesos for an adult ticket, you can walk around the manglares (mangroves) to see a TON of crocodiles just chilling and sunbathing at the banks. If you’re lucky, you can catch some exotic birds like egrets and ibises!

This is where we went: Crocodrilario La Manzanilla

This is one of my host sisters 😀
We were so close to the crocodiles that if I reached my hand down I probably could have touched one of their tails 😮
The bridge is for passing not for playing (it shook when we walked over it!)
Can you see the fear in my eyes?
My host dad is such a clown; here he is wrestling with a “live” crocodile loool
Me and my handy dandy repellent. This SAVED me today; we were surrounded by mosquitoes left/right/up/down, and I used up half the bottle shamelessly, and I left the swamps unscathed 8)