Living Like a Local: Nature’s Instincts

Human babies are born with the instinct to suckle as a means to get food. No one taught them this, just like many other animals in the world. I think it’s pretty incredible how nature has a way of taking care of animals, big and small.

When I went to the kitchen to grab some pozole for lunch the other day, I noticed a steadily moving black blurry line from the dining room door leading into the kitchen. My host father warned me before I took a closer look, “¡Cuídate! ¡Esas hormigas pican!” which translates to “Be careful, those ants bite/sting!”


Being the anti-bug enthusiast, I was already not thrilled, and I saw that they was a LOOOOONG trail of them, uniformly entering the kitchen. I asked my host father why they were indoors, and he told me not to worry as long as I left them alone. He explained that they enter many houses looking for food because they can anticipate the rain (WHAT?!) and they know it’ll be a couple of days before they can go looking for food once the rain stops, and once they gather enough food they would leave. I sat with my host father and with my luck, I felt what seemed like an electric shock on my hand and a freaking ant was on me!!!!! I panicked and shoved it off my hand, but there residual stinging and today I have a slightly swollen red bump on my hand -_-

What he told me was fascinating. The past 2+ weeks had no rain, and we had no idea when the rains were going to come aside from observing where the clouds were originating from over the cerros (hills), but these little creatures just knew by instinct that rain was coming. My host father also told me that the birds could also sense when hurricanes would come, and trees that would normally be populated with birds would suddenly be barren and eerily quiet because the birds have flown to a safer location to wait out the storm.

Surely enough, when I retreated upstairs to the safety of my mosquito net, I came back down and found that not one ant was in sight :O

That’s my story for today 😀 Hope you enjoyed reading!