Living Like a Local: Fantasmas!

I’ve heard SO many stories about fantasmas (ghosts) or almas (spirits). My host father is full of these anecdotes and it’s just so interesting and quite spooky since I never wanted to believe they existed. Sure, there are a bunch of TV shows about ghosts and all things haunted, but me being the scaredy cat that I am, I’ve never indulged. I’m not sure if people in the US share these ghost stories so openly, but I was intrigued by how many of these stories existed in the little pueblo of Agua Caliente Nueva.

Story time! Dun, dun, duuuuuunnnnnnnn……

The Guardian Angel: When my host father was an infant, there was a neighbor who would always look after him and give him candy and other sweets. He had been killed and my host father continued to grow up in that neighborhood. His house was still being built, and there wasn’t a door to the entrance of the house; it was only an entryway. When my host father was 8 years old, he was sleeping and suddenly woke up and found there was a very tall, tan-skinned man standing in the entryway, who ducked his head to enter the house and approached the bed and stood there for a good while, not doing anything, and would leave. This apparently happened until my host father turned 14. He told his mother about it, and she suspected it was the same neighbor who was watching over him to make sure he was okay while growing up o.o

The Murder Suicide: There is a vacant house in Colima that has remained empty for many years. Why? In the past, there was a man who had shot and killed his wife, and then later killed himself. There would be people who attempted to rent the house, but would leave within a few days because they would hear sounds and voices during the night when no one was there.

Have We Struck Gold?: A man offered one of his friends a house to stay in up on a hill since he owned it and it was not currently occupied. My host father explained to me that this friend could not stay more than a few days because it was just so noisy, with people knocking on the door and other noises. At first, I thought it was because maybe there were hooligans knocking on doors and running off, but he explained that no one was there and these knocking sounds and other noises happened late at night. This spooked me out. But another one of this man’s friends stayed in the house and didn’t have problems. He had some kind of intuition to mess with the large stone-like structure at the corner of the bedroom, to find that there was an olla (jar) of gold buried under the floor directly under the stone!

White Figure Walking: When my host father was younger, he used to stay up really late and just look outside of his house. Back then, there weren’t street lights so it was pretty dark outside, but there was a time when he looked outside and saw a bright white figure coming down the street. He wasn’t sure what he was seeing, but the white figure had literally passed through a fence. He couldn’t believe his eyes!

Mystery Horse Carriages: This story kind of confused me, but way back in the days, there were no paved roads, and the highways were all just dirt roads. To get around, people either had to walk or use horse-drawn carriages. My host father said that some older people in town have claimed to hear the sound of horses trotting outside of their homes in the dead of night, but there were no horses or carriages to be seen or heard.

Knock Knock, Who’s There?: Many years ago, my host father would hang out for long periods of time outside, and then come home to sleep. There was a time when he came back late, and made sure to close the door when he came into the house. BUT… the sound of the door would open, and his father heard someone calling my host father’s name, but when he checked, there was no one there…

The DJ Request: An 8-year old boy had an accident and I think he fell off the roof of his house, close to the time of his older sister’s birthday. A year later, the sister turned 15, which is a huge celebration in Mexico. She didn’t want to celebrate her birthday because she missed her brother, but her parents wanted to throw her one because it was an important year. They had hired a DJ to play music for the event, and at one point in the celebration, the DJ came down from his booth, locked it, and announced to the party that there was someone who wanted to make a speech. Everyone got quiet, and then a young boy started speaking, wishing the sister a happy birthday. The boy apologized to the sister for not being there, and that he was watching over the family. The mother recognized her deceased son’s voice, and fainted, while the father got angry and asked the DJ what kind of cruel joke he was trying to play. However, the DJ had no idea that their son had passed a year ago, and said that a boy who looked about 8 years old had approached him with a request to speak during the party, and he brought him to the DJ booth and then left him there to speak. When they went to the DJ booth, the door was still closed, but there was no one there.

Phantom Chauffeur: I saved the best one for last. There was a couple who was expecting a baby, and the expectant mother was in labor. The expectant father yelled for help, but no one was around to help. The only logical thing to do at the time was to leave the house and just start walking and looking for people, since they didn’t have a car and didn’t want to deliver at home where complications could arise. They walked, and walked, and walked, until they came upon a house that was celebrating what appeared to be a newly married couple. They went in looking for someone to help, so the newlyweds offered them a ride. They got into their car, and drove to the hospital, where the baby was delivered safely. They bought flowers and wanted to thank the newlyweds properly, so they found their house, but when they arrived, it was completely vacant, as if no one had lived there in years. They asked a neighbor if they remember the party that happened the other day, and who the newlyweds were. The neighbor told them that there was a couple that had gotten married a year ago, and were on their honeymoon but had died in an accident, and no one lived in that house since. I’m still in disbelief that a phantom couple could physically drive a car and help a couple get to the hospital, but hollllly bananas, right????