This is Zero Hour

Today, thousands of youth advocates will take the streets of their cities and take part in the Youth Climate March. I recently came across the hashtag Zero Hour, which essentially is a youth-led movement inviting young people to take charge and take action against climate change.


Since the 2016 election, our earth has been at risk and much of the progress we made in terms of commitments to tackle climate change has been stifled. The EPA was put in the hands of a vocal climate change denier who rolled back environmental protections, its website was scrubbed of information related to climate change and global warming, the US backed out of the Paris Agreement, and a large number of members in office have made their stance against the existence of climate change.

With Zero Hour, young people are calling for climate action and are ready to back up their demands with evidence-based facts about the existence of climate change and global warming. We urge our elected officials to do two main things:

(1) reject monetary donations and influence from Big Oil and the fossil fuel industry and commit to protect our health, climate, and planet

(2) transition away from fossil fuels and to a clean energy economy

Now, more than ever, we need the US and global community to stand together and make noise to put pressure on our governments to pass legislation to help us protect our planet for future generations.