When We All Vote, Change Will Happen

Today is National Voter Registration Day. If you aren’t registered to vote, today’s the day! If you care about any of these issues, this midterm election is important now more than ever:

  1. If you’re tired of mass shootings and seeing innocent people and children getting shot and killed in malls, restaurants, churches, schools etc.
  2. If you support affirmative action
  3. If you support gender equality, such as equal pay, ending gender-based violence, marriage equality for LGBTQIA+, women holding leadership positions in office and companies, etc.
  4. If you believe in climate change (and if you still want to be able to call NYC and our coastal cities home and vacation spots and address the rising sea levels)
  5. If you think we need to treat our environment and wildlife better after human-made destruction of ecosystems on land and sea
  6. If you don’t want more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050
  7. If you think workers deserve adequate labor conditions and rights
  8. If you’re tired of elected officials not hearing your concerns or being influenced by lobbyists and corporations
  9. If you think we need police reform and promotion of deescalation techniques to prevent unnecessary fatal shootings
  10. If you champion women’s rights over their own bodies and don’t want Roe v Wade overturned by a conservative Supreme Court Justice nominee

And lastly, If you don’t want Trump to continue getting away with bashing anyone who disagrees with him and trying to discredit all media outlets besides Fox News.

If you didn’t care about politics before, the time is now because our lives and our rights and the future of our planet depends on you. Don’t discount your vote and your voice. This is our chance to vote out the current people in office who are not interested in addressing the pressing problems today.

Follow this link to check if you’re registered and commit to vote this November 6.