Who Gives A Crap? The Company Disrupting the TP Industry

In the past year or so, I’ve seen so many green entrepreneurs popping up in the news and on my social media feeds. It’s incredibly inspiring to learn just how innovative people around the world are with identifying solutions to the world’s pressing problems related to climate change due to human activity.

I’ve come across this company with a very catchy name: Who Gives a Crap? And I was intrigued.

Purchased some facial tissues and toilet paper – they are individually wrapped in paper, distinct from bulk tissues you often buy wrapped in plastic. And they encourage you to use the wrapping for gifts too hah!

So why is this company different?

This company produces toilet paper using 100% recycled paper or bamboo to disrupt the paper production industry and help combat the rapid deforestation occurring around the world.

50% of their profits go to building toilets and latrines in communities lacking access to safe sanitation!

When you thought it couldn’t get better, it does.

They have a stupendous Communications and Marketing team that places messaging on everything: from the toilet paper wrapping itself, to the packing boxes that your deliveries come in.

Each pattern has a different message that presents their stats and facts in a fun way. Very impressed by the work they put into their wrapping!
While not 100% plastic- free because of the tape and the strong plastic ties keeping the two boxes together, they’re pretty close. Additionally, their delivery boxes are on point. They even have a message for the delivery person too which is sweet 🙂

At affordable price, I stocked up on toilet paper and facial tissues that’ll probably last me through January or February! It feels good to support an organization that’s environmentally conscious and likes to have fun with their marketing too 🙂

Do visit their website and see what a fantastic job they’ve done with their branding. Their punny name is an eyecatcher and their mission resonates with a sustainability advocate such as myself. And if you’re looking for a new, eco-friendly company to supply your tissue needs, I hiiiighly recommend this company (BTW I’m not sponsored by them but I just really appreciate what they do)!