Talawiet Organisation for Development: Driving Development in Rural Communities throughout Sudan

fbtSalam Kanhoush works at Talawiet Organisation for Development (TOD), an organization that works to spur development in the rural communities of Sudan through its programs. Its Education, Health and Nutrition, Humanitarian, Livelihood, Microfinance, and Institutional Development, and Capacity Building programs positively impact marginalized communities and refugee population in Sudan, from increasing access to education and providing food assistance to refugee camps, to creating vocational training and employment opportunities for youth and women and more.

“We aspire to see all communities reaping the fruits of awareness, development, and peace.” – TOD’s vision

IMG_20181026_171655 - Salam Kanhoush
TOD provided soap bars to one of the schools in rural Kassala to improve the sanitation and hygiene of the students as a way to celebrate World Handwashing Day

As a Program Assistant, Salam is proud to have been involved with the organization’s efforts by supporting Program Officers through drafting program reports and sharing out evaluation results with their external audiences. During his time with TOD, the organization has achieved the following successes:

  • Established 50 female-led farms in rural Kassala and the Red Sea states in order to establish a source of income for and economically empower women in these regions

  • Provided primary healthcare services, specifically maternal and child health, for the entire communities in rural Kassala and the North Delta areas

  • Provided food vouchers for all of the refugee camps in the East of Sudan to ensure that no refugee would be hungry

In the next year, Salam hopes to see TOD eliminate malnutrition in all of Sudan, as well as expand the Education Program to ensure that every child and woman has the opportunity to succeed and contribute meaningfully to their community.