Using Storytelling to Capture the Journey to Follow Happiness

One Young World brings together young people from all sectors; during my time in The Hague, I met delegates who worked for the government, were employees of or leading projects in large corporations, working for or the founders and CEOs of their own nonprofits, and more. 

Delegates who attended on behalf of their businesses were challenged to return to their home countries and come up with an initiative based on the inspiration they gathered while at the four-day conference. Konceta Gjini was one such delegate, who took her ideas and founded “I Follow Happiness”, an unincorporated association based in the UK with the mission of bringing out to the world stories of courage, strength and resilience to inspire positive change and lower prejudice to building more inclusive societies. She gets in touch refugees, immigrants and ex-pats to learn about their stories and share them on the I Follow Happiness website.

Konçi believes in the power of sharing experiences to inspire positive change, lower prejudices, and build inclusive societies,

and only one month since leaving The Hague, nearly 1,000 people from 28 countries have read the stories she has shared so far on her website. In the new year, she aims to narrate the stories through cartoon videos to build a strong online campaign to promote her initiative.

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