How to Celebrate the New Year in Mexico

For the first time, I am celebrating the new year in another country away from family and friends. I wanted to take this time to escape from the traditional New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York, where people either go out to watch the ball drop, go to some expensive venue to drink, or party up until the countdown began.

I am currently staying with Airbnb hosts who are native to Oaxaca, and they shared some of their Mexican traditions for how they ring in the new year. With a bottle of mezcal, cidra de manzana, and a dozen grapes for every person, it’s the perfect low-key way to celebrate.

You know the mezcal is legit when the bottle is unlabeled!

The story behind the grapes is actually pretty heartwarming, and I plan to adopt it in my household and with friends and family in the following years. Every grape signifies a month in the year, and after midnight hits, you will state one thing you wish for. Around the table, we wished for familia, salud, amistad, amor, el mundo, dinero, just to name a few examples.

After we have eaten all of our grapes and drank our drinks, we all got up and hugged one another and said that we were thankful to have met one another. This is my fourth time in Mexico (trying to visit every state!) and I truly can not say this enough: I love the people here. They are one of the most genuine groups of people I have had the pleasure to know, and they will not hesitate to show their hospitality if you make the effort to talk with them and get to know them.

I wanted to share this quick post with you all and wish you a very happy, prosperous new year! What are some of the New Year traditions in your culture?