How Two Young Women from Opposite Coasts Created an Online Community for Global Health Information Sharing

The internet can serve as an effective means of meeting new people, building community, sharing information, and more. From blogs and websites such as this one, online video and photo sharing platforms, to podcasts, there are so many ways that people are able to connect these days!

While the world is vast, similar interests can bring people together, and that is how Diana Klatt and Susanna Park met! Diana and Susanna met through Instagram because of their mutual academic background and interest in global public health. They first started talking when Susanna posted about her research in a country where Diana was currently working in the field. Shortly after, they decided they wanted to collaborate on a project but were not sure what kind of project they wanted to do.

After realizing that there was a disconnect between what people perceived as “global health” and what actually is “global health,” Diana and Susanna came to the conclusion that a podcast would be the perfect platform to share the knowledge they gained through their education and experiences with the wider online community. Starting with general public health concepts, eventually the duo invited guests ranging from researchers, scientists, and creators working in various fields to promote and educate about all the ways that global health impacts not only humans, but also our planet (and even other planetary bodies). Every episode aims to highlight a new topic with a new expert and leaves the listener with an actionable takeaway.

Since its start in 2019, Diana and Susanna have used Global Caveat to promote prospective students to look into global health as a field of study, connected creators and researchers from around the world to collaborate with each other, and highlighted topics that people were unaware of, promoting further education and small acts of activism and awareness. As a nascent podcast, they are hoping to gear up and obtain greater funding, explore collaborations with public health organizations, and reach a wider audience.

If you’re a podcast enthusiast like me or just really interested in global health, I encourage you to check out Global Caveat and have a listen! They have new episodes every other Tuesday and also share some great posts on their Instagram account. And if you are interested in supporting their efforts so they can continue their work, consider becoming a Patron of Global Caveat.

Side note: I mean it when I say that the internet brings people together – Susanna actually reached out to me to participate as a guest on their podcast – check out the episode here! When the episode aired, a prospective applicant for my alma mater, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, reached out to me via Instagram to inquire about my experiences in my program 🙂 S/o to you, Raquel and best of luck on your apps!