5 Ways to Participate in Earth Day During a Pandemic

Countries around the world are enforcing strict stay home policies to help flatten the curve during the pandemic, but that does not mean we can not celebrate Earth Month, and more specifically Earth Day that’s coming up! Here are five ways to participate while staying safe at home:

Get inspired by participating in virtual convenings during Earth Month.

Many organizations, coalitions, and movements are not missing a beat when it comes to Earth Month, and harnessing the power of technology to mobilize and connect with climate and environmental activists and advocates around the globe.

If there is one positive thing to come out of the pandemic, I think it is the fact that local events are now accessible anyone with an internet connection, and geography no longer poses as a barrier. Here are five events you can tune in to:

Let’s Eat! (Less Meat)
Hosts: Arcadia Earth and Wicked Healthy
Date & Time: Thursday, April 16 7pm EST – Thursday, April 23 7pm EST (an 8-part plant-based cooking class series)

Earth Day 50 Virtual Kick-Off
Hosts: Earth Day Initiative and March for Science NYC
Date & Time: Sunday, April 19 from 4-10pm EST

A Deep Dive into Food
Host: Zero Waste NYC Workshop Series
Date & Time: Monday, April 20 from 7-8:30pm EST

The Future of Reusables after COVID-19
Hosts: Just Salad and Muuse
Date & Time: Monday, April 20 at 8pm EST

People for the Planet Summit
Host: Pela Case
Date & Time: Wednesday, April 22nd starting 4pm EST

Connecting to Nature at Home
Host: Sara Weinreb
Date & Time: Wednesday, April 22nd at 6pm EST

Using AI to Tackle Waste and Flatten the Curve
Host: Intuitive AI and Just Salad
Date & Time: Wednesday, April 22nd at 8:30pm EST

Climate Decade: Halving Global Emissions by 2030
Host: The Climate Group
Date & Time: Friday, April 24 from 9-10am EST

Get connected to the Earth and grow something of your own.

If you’re like most people who are staying home during what feels like a global quarantine, you might be feeling anxious, bored, scared, antsy, or all of the above. You might have also heard that growing something of your own or raising plants can have benefits, especially when it comes to your mental health. You don’t need to have a yard in order to grow something – your windowsill works great, and so does any other part of your home (as long as you provide a grow light for your plant).

Practice your climate and environmental activism.

Is there a specific environmental issue that you are eager to advocate for, but don’t know how? Make your voice heard by signing petitions, participating in a town hall to raise issues, reaching out to your elected officials, and more! Here are some suggestions for those in NYC:

Pick one habit or item you want to swap for a more sustainable one for 31 days.

There are various articles that tell you how many days it takes to form a new habit, but I think there is no tried and true number. Since May is just around the corner, I challenge you to take one habit or item that might not be the most eco-friendly, and swap it for a more sustainable option, just for 31 days. See if you can do it for 31 days straight, and when May is over, see if you can continue that habit or using that swapped item. Here are some suggested swaps:

  • Swap single-use plastic bottles for a reusable water bottle
  • Instead of leaving the faucet running while you soap your hands or brush your teeth, turn it off until you are ready to rinse
  • Swap cotton swabs (Q-tips) for a reusable ear pick
  • When you buy takeout, remember to say “no utensils or sauce packets, please” – you are eating at home where you have your reusable forks and spoons and bottles of sauces!

Connect with other eco warriors!

It has been wonderful meeting sustainability champs with the power of social media. I have been sharing a series of “back-to-basics” sustainability tips and tricks during Earth Month (search #AHBEarthMonth on Instagram) on my IG and enjoy learning and sharing with such a great community.

Feeling inspired yet? Now go ahead and celebrate Earth Month!