Why Climate Justice is Racial Justice

June 5th marks World Environment Day! Environmentalists are all standing up for #BlackLivesMatter because we can’t talk about climate justice without racial justice.

Here are some articles and resources that have been shared this week:

And if you’re curious about the data, and who in the US cares about climate change, the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and prior research have found that communities of color (especially the Black and Latinx communities) are more concerned than White Americans about climate change and global warming. More often than not, people of color (POC) are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change i.e. extreme weather events, exposure to environmental hazards, etc.

As we continue to push for climate action, let us not forget that we must simultaneously work to rectify the racial injustices in our country. We can not solve climate change without just transition; we must not leave anyone behind, and we must fight for a healthy, livable planet and ensure justice and equity for everyone.