Cultivating More Eco-Friendly Habits in 2019

We're two months into 2019, but it's not too late to have goals for what you want to achieve for this year. In a previous post, I shared some of the eco-friendly habits I adopted in 2018, but I know there's room to grow, and here are some I'd like to cultivate! #ecoliving #lowimpactliving #zerowaste #composting #supportlocal

Eco-Friendly Habits I’ve Developed in 2018

Looking back on 2018, I made a commitment to myself to be more conscious of my everyday lifestyle and habits to work toward reducing my footprint. These are some habits I developed in the past year!

As Seen on TV: Nohbo

I am guilty of watching and keeping up with too many television shows, including Shark Tank, a show where entrepreneurs young and old try to get Sharks to invest in their companies! It's been eye-opening to see some of the inventions and ideas that people come up with, and how creative some people can be. … Continue reading As Seen on TV: Nohbo