Project EcoSoap: the Initiative that Recycles Leftover Hotel Soap to Save Lives

Organizations such as Eco-Soap Bank can tangibly transform the lives of people through #WASH. Support their latest initiative, @ProjectEcoSoap which will empower women in rural #Cambodia: #ProjectEcoSoap

How One Young Man’s Childhood Experiences Spurred the Movement to Build Homes Out of Plastic Bottles in Uganda

Plastic pollution is something we see every day in our backyards (literally), on the streets, or in our bodies of water. This young man from Uganda recognized that plastic could be used for good and provide housing for the poor - I was privileged to hear him speak at #OYW2018 and wanted to share his story with you, too. #BeatPlasticPollution #UnplasticThePlanet

MANAVA: Transforming Female Artisans’ Lives in Cambodia

If you're looking for a unique holiday gift for your friends and family, take a look at #MANAVA, a social enterprise that empowers female #artisans in #Cambodia. These women craft exquisite works of art you can wear or display in your home - check out their campaign

How One Woman is Making the Case for Inclusion in Employment for Women with Special Needs

Of the 624,000 people living with disabilities in Azerbaijan, according to Chairman of the State Social Protection Fund Salim Muslumov, over 290,000 are women, and a majority of them are unemployed. Sara Rajabli recognized this issue and sought to address this lack of inclusion in employment for this population. She founded BUTA Art & Sweets … Continue reading How One Woman is Making the Case for Inclusion in Employment for Women with Special Needs

Local Craftsmanship in Siem Reap

It's amazing how you can find opportunities to learn about the local culture for free; you can simply visit the restaurants shops and talk to the locals, take advantage of the free guided walking tours, or if you have the time, live in that city for a month or longer ๐Ÿ™‚ Because I spend most … Continue reading Local Craftsmanship in Siem Reap