How Countries Can Adopt the SDGs to the Local Context

There is global consensus that advocating for girls and women is not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. Learn what countries in the Middle East are doing to advance gender equality.

MANAVA: Transforming Female Artisans’ Lives in Cambodia

If you're looking for a unique holiday gift for your friends and family, take a look at #MANAVA, a social enterprise that empowers female #artisans in #Cambodia. These women craft exquisite works of art you can wear or display in your home - check out their campaign

One Woman’s Efforts to Advance Gender Equality in Sudan

Across the globe girls and women still encounter challenges due to gender roles that were set from generations past. The evidence is there: achieving gender equality is beneficial for the economy, can decrease poverty and gender-based violence, and more. Mai Khidir participated in the Milead Fellowship run by the Moremi Initiative, and was tasked with implementing … Continue reading One Woman’s Efforts to Advance Gender Equality in Sudan

Women in the World (Part 3)

The last post of this 3-part series is finally finished! If there's anything to take away from these posts, please view the last video with Meryl Streep's call to action!

Women in the World (Part 2)

Check out the next segment of my Women in the World Summit posts, featuring one of the few women to run a Fortune 500 company, women in the health tech industry, and Kerry Washington!

Women in the World (Part 1)

For those of you who are interested in reading about the Women in the World Summit, I'm writing a three-part blog post of my Day 3 experience!