How to Reduce Food Waste at Home: Resources

In March, I rounded out the mini-workshop series on the topic of waste, culminating on a popular topic that many folks are talking about to their peers (and even in mainstream media): food waste. As we are still navigating pandemic-times, many people have transitioned to working from home, resulting in a shift in habits–growing food at home, trying their hand at raising houseplants, and cooking new recipes in the kitchen or supporting their local businesses through takeout and delivery services.

For this How to Prevent Food Waste at Home workshop, I invited two NYC locals, food waste prevention extraordinaire Cait Enz of Hops and Brains, and our city’s favorite four-legged passionate grassroots composting pug Astoria Pug (represented by Lou Reyes) to the conversation. These two individuals presented a wealth of information about how they prevent food waste in their households, and I was also equally as impressed and inspired by our engaged participants who shared the many ways they divert food waste in their kitchens, too!

Throughout the presentation, we presented participants with stats and resources that they could come away and utilize in their efforts to prevent and reduce food waste at home. I’ve shared many of the data sources, additional learning material, and resources that participants have included throughout the presentation for your convenience. If there are other helpful materials that should be added, please feel free to reach out and make your recommendations!

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  • Use the FoodKeeper App to optimize freshness and quality of your food items
  • Visit the ReFED Insights Engine to identify food waste solutions tailored to each stakeholder and reader
Image description: Padlet exercise with participants to brainstorm as many ways to use leftovers, hosted by Cait Enz of @hops_and_brains (IG) during the food waste workshop

Know of a resource that might be helpful to someone looking on this page? Have a recommendation for a future workshop topic? Feel free to post it in the comments below, send me an email, or direct message me on Instagram.